Skift: Provenance Hotels Elevates Guest Experience by Integrating Local Culture, Businesses


Provenance Hotels is looking to bring the Portland experience directly to its guests in another way.

By teaming with local vendors from ice-cream shops to bee hive specialists, Provenance tells a story about the locals and thriving businesses in its Seattle, Portland, and Nashville properties by placing products directly in the room, as well as restaurants and bars.


Provenance also designs each hotel around a certain theme and element of the location’s history and culture. For example, Hotel Max has an entire floor dedicated to Seattle’s indie record label Sub Pop, credited with discovering Nirvana, in honor of the city’s grunge past.

Marketing via Experience

Finding and forming relationships with local vendors is a collaborative effort.


Steve Smith, founder of Smith Tea and previous owner of Tazo Tea, explains how he left a sample at the hotel’s front desk. He never heard back, but some time later Provenance CEO Gordon Sondland stopped by his Portland shop after tasting the tea at the nearby Allison Inn & Spa.

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